A brass fastener , brad, paper fastener or split pin is a stationery item used for securing multiple sheets of paper together. A patent of the fastener was issued in 1866 heree W McGill. The fastener is inserted into punched holes in the stack of paper, and the leaves, or tines, of the legs are separated and bent over to secure the paper. New Zealand Agent for Bronze Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd (Australia) Bronze Brass Fasteners is the only specialist non-ferrous fastener distributor supplying high quality products to … General Fasteners is now a division of Holdite Industries and operates from Villawood. We stock and supply a wide range of small fasteners to Australian industries including industrial, engineering, manufacturing, mining, automotive and construction. Our Product Range includes:. Flat Washers - Metric and Imperial Brass ; Hammer Drive Screws - Steel Zinc Plated Stainless Steel 304/A2

Buckleguy carries solid brass snap fasteners in multiple cap sizes, styles, and finishes. We sell custom made snap tools that fit our cap sizes precisely for our 10mm cap, 12.7mm cap, and 15mm cap. We sell the standard snap buttons in both the s-spring socket and … Brass Fasteners . Manufacturer Exporter of Brass fasteners Brass Electrical Screws.Our product hereprises of Brass Anchors, Brass Terminals and Brass Cable Glands. Stainless Threaded Fasteners . Established in 1986, STF is one of Europe's largest wholesalers of stainless steel and brass fasteners . STF operates from 50,000 sq. ft. premises in the Heart of the West Midlands delivering next day to anywhere in mainland UK.

We manufacture manual metal arc welding accessories, electrode holders, ground clamps, coupling device, cable connectors, lugs, brass neutral link, Panel mounted switchboard accessories, fused terminal blocks, earth bars as per specifications deep recycling industries Jamnagar, India. Chassis fasteners are swage mounted square fasteners with either 4-40 or 6/32 threads.This fastener allows for assemblies to be mounted at a 90-degree angle from … Adhesive and Foam - Specialty high strength anchoring adhesives for a broad range of applications and conditions, and expanding foams designed to bond to and fill various building elements.

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