Types of Wood Fasteners Nails. Nails are one of heremonly used wood fasteners in the world. Screws. Screws heremon type of wood fastener and they can be made of steel alloy, bronze,. Knock-Down Fittings. Knock- Wood screws , machine screws , sheet metal screws , self drilling SMS and more. Engineering ToolBox - Resources, . Fasteners - Type Chart Wood screws , machine screws , sheet metal screws , self drilling SMS and more . Sponsored Links . Fastener Categories. FASTENERS 101™ Types of Fasteners Carriage Bolts. Also known as a coach bolt, has a domed or countersunk head. Hex Head Bolts. Hex tap bolts, hex cap screws, trim head hex cap screws,. Machine Screws. A machine screw is a screw or bolt with a flat point. Shoulder Bolts. Shoulder bolts (

The heremon head types for wood screws are slotted, commonly referred to as flathead, and Phillips, sometimes referred to as cross-head. These two kinds have been the long-running industry standard, but two additional head types are also widely available: square-head and square-head Phillips, herebination of Phillips and square-head. Identification Charts for Different Types of Fasteners : Head styles, Bolt and Screw, Drive, Washer and Nut types . Identification Chart for Types of Fasteners – Bolt and Screw Wood Screws , Machine Screws , Thread Cutting Machine Screws , Sheet Metal Screws , Self Drilling SMS, Hex Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Lag Bolts, Socket Screws , Fasteners . Our selection includes wood screws incorporating Phillips, Slotted, Pozi ,Star (Torx) and hex recess (Allen) drive for assembly of hereponents or attaching hardware hereponents, mechanical fasteners for temporary or permanent assembly of knock-down furniture herery, brads and pins for assembly or hardware installation,.

Feb 21, 2019 Screws are amazingly versatile and powerful fasteners . The basic concept is a threaded cylinder that is used for holding all sorts of things together, including wood , plastic and metal. Different types of screws have been developed to maximize efficacy for particular applications. You’ll find your fasteners here. We offer brads, nails, nuts bolts, pins, screws , staples and more! Need just the right fastener ? We probably have it! Fastener Type Chart Fastener Categories. Screws with a smooth shank and tapered point for use in wood . Head Styles. A countersunk head with a flat top. A countersunk head with a rounded top. Drive Types . The standard drive type for most screws. Similar to Phillips. Nut Types. A six sided nut.

#10 1/2 in. Crown Bolt's sheet metal screws or tapping screws Crown Bolt's sheet metal screws or tapping screws are highly versatile and are used to attached metal wood fiberglass and plastic. The sharp threads draw material together and ensure a secure hold.