Apex Fasteners is an Authorized Distributor for Apex Tool Group LLC, Apex Fastener Tools , Utica Torque Products, and Apex Universal Joints. For more than half a century Apex Tool Group has maintained a position of leadership in industrial fastening tools . Brandon Stumpf Industrial Fastening Tools Product Manager, Apex Tools Our assembly tools are used building vehicles, airplanes, appliances as well as supporting many other industrial applications. We are confident that our product performance and brand reputation will extend to construction, heremercial applications across the world. APEX FASTENERS , Inc 15858 Business Center Drive • Irwindale, CA 91706 USA APEX Fasteners supplies standard and custom screws, nut retainers, shoulder screws, plastites and taptites, all types of rivets, spring steel fasteners and special stampings, sems screws in standard, fractional or metric to electronics, aviation and other OEM industries worldwide.

Apex has manufactured top-quality screwdriver tooling for decades in response to the ever-changing demands of fastener applications. These demands vary by industry, but are particularly exacting in the automotive and aviation industries. Apex provides the broadest selection of fastener tools in the world, including bits, sockets, universal wrenches, extensions and adapters. About Apex Bits and Sockets Apex is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial fastener drive tools . For more than 80 years, Apex heree the leading innovator of industrial grade screwdriver bits, sockets, bits, extensions, bits and adapters for a variety of industries. Apex Tool Fasteners , Inc. has a proven record of excellence in supplying fasteners , tools , and hardware for several building and construction projects in the south east United States. No matter the size of your project, the experienced professionals at Apex Tool Fasteners , Inc. will handle all of your fastener , hardware, and tool needs.

Apex Fastener Tools has been the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of top-quality fastener tooling products for decades. Apex offers one of the broadest selection of fastener tools in the world. The Apex line of fastener tools includes screwdriver bits, sockets, bit holders, bit drivers, universal wrenches, extensions and adapters. Apex Fastener Tools Apex tooling products are manufactured to exact tolerances that often exceed licensing agreement requirements, standing up to rigorous government/military specifications. These tolerances greatly increase the durability and life of the tool .