High Strength Fasteners. When a strong fastener is not good enough. Metals hereparison. Polymer hereparison. Ceramic hereparison. Manufacturer of High Strength Fasteners for the Aerospace,Nuclear,Automotive,Race,Mining,Medical, heremercial Industry. High Strength Fasteners . We are a manufacturer supplier of High Strength / Grade / Property Class fasteners to the Global Industrial and Automotive market places for demanding applications such as drive train, engines and hereponents. Product strength levels range from property class 8.8 to 12.

What We Create. Aerospace Manufacturing boldly manufactures High Strength , Close Tolerance Fasteners for aerospace, Navy, and military customers, including OEM leaders like Sikorsky, NAVICP, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier, DLA, and General Electric. These fasteners are destined for landing gears, structural airframes, engines, and repairs. Fasteners may be small in size, but they are large in importance. Dunham Products manufactures a wide range of high strength fasteners , from standard products to specialty fasteners . In addition, we can handle any type of modification of standard fasteners because we make your connections stronger. Mar 31, 2011 RE: High strength fasteners rob768 (Mechanical) 30 Mar 11 I have read an article in an Allianz book with collected damages saying the fatigue limit of 12.9 grade bolts doesn't vary too much from that of 8.8 grade bolts .

Worldwide supplier of standard custom fasteners including high strength fasteners high temperature fasteners. Types include nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, washers anchors. Materials include carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel aluminum alloy.