Slang meaning to copulate dates from at least 1725, originally usually of the action of the male, on the notion of driving a screw into something. Meaning defraud, cheat is from 1900. First recorded 1949 in exclamations as a euphemism. Related: Screwed ; screwing. To screw up blunder is recorded from 1942. Screwed up originally was figurative for tuned to a high or precise pitch (1907), an image from … To fasten, tighten, or attach by means of a screw or similar fastener. To attach (a tapped or threaded fitting or cap) by twisting into place. To rotate (a part) on a threaded axis. Vulgar Slang To have sexual intercourse with. heree attached by means of the threads of a screw. To be of attachment. A word to describe a person who is heavily under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotic material, to an extent where it affects their behavioural patterns. When my parents found out I killed their parrot, I'm screwed !. Wow, someone screwed that car up pretty bad!. Wow, that guy is screwed ! Get a screwed mug for your dog Vivek.

Thesaurus: synonyms and related words. Experiencing difficulties. be. be (caught) between a rock and a hard place idiom. be climbing the walls idiom. be for the high jump idiom. heree up against a brick … I'll be screwed if I don't make it to work within an hour.You'll be screwed if your dad catches you smoking coke. See more words with the same meaning : hard, confusing, difficult, a problem. Last edited on Jan 03 2014. Submitted by blake from Kentucky, USA on Feb 17 1999. ruined.Dinner is screwed. Definition of screwed from the Collins English Dictionary. Parts of speech. Sentences are made up of words. A sentence can be made up of any number of words. He left us. The man in the corner lowered his newspaper. Whenever I see Tammy I worry about how I look.

With regard to the second part, whether I'm screwed is used when someone tries to say they made a mistake: I think you're confusing I'm screwed (which herements tell you means approximately Aw, jeez, I'm in trouble) with I screwed up, which does mean I've made a mistake. screw up 1. verb To make a big mistake or blunder; to mishandle or ruin something. I'm sorry, I really screwed up. Please forgive me! Wow, it looks like they really screwed up this time. 2. verb To ruin, damage, or mishandle something, especially inadvertently. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between screw and up. I can' Similar to the word fuck, screw can be used to mean to mess someone up or treat them badly 3. To mess something up, turn things for the worse, usually followed by the word up 1. Did Jane and Dave really screw last night? 2. They totally screwed me by charging me twice! 3.

Examples: screw in a Sentence. 1 a : a simple machine of the inclined plane type consisting of a spirally grooved solid cylinder and a correspondingly grooved hollow cylinder into which it fits.