These machine screws are used with nuts or These machine screws are used with nuts or directly into a female threaded receptacle to fasten metal parts together. They are installed into an existing or predrilled pre-taped hole and are fully threaded. Machine screws are available in a wide array of configurations, materials, driver head types and sizes. As their name implies, machine screws are used to hereponents together in machines , tools, appliances, electronic devices and vehicles of every description. Feb 21, 2019 Thread Varieties. Machine : Machine screws have finer threads than wood screws . They are designed to be used in conjunction with a nut or tapped hole. Sheet metal : These screws usually are short and have coarse threads that are designed to grab onto relatively thin sheet metal . High-low:

Wood Machine Screws here Furniture Hardware Wood Machine Screws Sort By: Item Name Item # Price (Lowest to Highest) Price (Highest to Lowest) Most Popular View: List Grid How Many: 10 25 50 100 ALL Just Drill and Tap the Wood – Just tap it like you would a piece of metal. Here’s a drill and tap set from Amazon for just over $20* that you can use for this or the next method of attachment. Probably the weakest way here to attach a machine screw to wood , but it might be all you need. Worldwide supplier of industrial fasteners offering machine , wood and self tapping screws

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